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when should one stop love

24 Mar '24
4 min read


In a remote village located between enchanted woods and rolling hills, there lived a young sorceress named Anna. She possessed the ability to weave emotions into magical spells. Her godmother had taught her the magic and legend of her ancestors.

  Though she took an oath to never have any desire for anything, she had developed an unspoken admiration for a kind-hearted blacksmith named Flynn.

  Days passed and her affection for him grew. Her typically remarkable intellect failed to grasp the fact that he was marrying the village chief’s daughter. As she can't keep her love a secret anymore, she decides to craft a spell to reveal her feelings. On the perfect night, under the luminescent moonlight, Anna gathered moonflower petals, whispered verses of an ancient magic, and poured her unrequited love into a delicate crystal vial. She closed her eyes and asked the river god to give her strength. Amelia was indeed skillful but the spell, however, took an unexpected turn.

   As Anna cast the spell, the whole village shimmered with an otherworldly glow. Earth became silent and the moonflowers bloomed with an ethereal radiance, casting a spellbinding aura. Unknown to Anna, the magic had intertwined with the entire village instead of only with Flynn, causing a strange phenomenon. Anyone who received genuine love but did not reciprocate it, found themselves surrounded by an enchanting, iridescent mist. Flynn, who inadvertently got caught in this mystical web, felt an inexplicable connection with Anna but remained oblivious to the source. The sorceress, witnessing the unintended consequences of her magic, grappled with the ethereal forces she had unleashed. Bluish dust filled its magic in the air. The village became a tapestry of unspoken affections, with each resident experiencing a magical connection to someone who silently adored them. 

  She plucked a radiant moonflower, rolled her eyes back, and closed them. In her vision, she slipped into another world. Someplace that was way more magical. As she opened her eyes, the moon goddess and river god stood in front of her. They blessed her and told her to stop the spell. Unrequited love is an essential component of the earth created by the gods to make men understand suffering unconditionally. The gods wanted it to remain. Anna cried. She was ready to withdraw the spell but she couldn’t. The poor girl felt so much regret for her actions that she was ready to offer anything to the gods as a sacrifice for helping her to stop the spell. The moon goddess thought for some time and asked for her soul. She demanded Anna to leave her soul in this other world and never return. Her eyes welled up. How can she leave her Flynn? When it was for him she made this mess. She remembered her godmother's words- “The life we live is not ours. We owe it to our ancestors as they gave us a purpose, which is to carry their values to the future and find fulfillment in that journey”. Anna realized that she owed her soul to her ancestors who prioritized values over emotions, ancestors who proved its ideal co-existence.  

 When the moon goddess sucked her soul out of the body, the effects of her magic began to fade away. The bluish aura started vanishing. Slowly everything came to normal.

   As the seasons changed, Anna's mistake was forgotten. Her absence didn’t even bother anyone. Even the godmother had accepted Anna’s fate, convincing herself that whatever happened to her must’ve been for a reason. The village continued to thrive on unrequited love.

   Even though everyone returned to their normal lives, somewhere in his home a blacksmith’s thoughts were filled with Anna. Finally, he realized that this girl loved him.


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