How irresponsible a man can be?

09 Jul '24
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The generation is f****d up, the concept of love in this generation is f****d up, I tell you how! 

A girl was in love with a guy for almost 18-19 months. She told him every insecurity of hers, the fears, all the good parts along with all the bad ones not because she wanted to and wanted sympathy but because he asked with what seemed to her like a genuine concern a 100 times. The guy would listen, and would say things like "You are one the best person I have ever met in my life", "You are my favourite person", "The place you have in my life, nobody can have that," "I accept you the way you are", "I just wanna see you smiling and take away all your problems." All the flowery language and lovey dovey things. She would complain about the things she doesn't like about herself and he would say these are the things he loves the most about her. 

But, "UNINTENTIONALLY", he would keep on mocking at her insecurities someway or other, in the middle of a conversation, he would crack up a joke that might trigger her. Maybe it was his love language, to harm the person first and then love the person (the ninja technique of manipulation). The girl did a lot of efforts for the guy, she sent him a gift, but all the guy could say was a plain thank you saying that he doesn't know hownto express a thank you and it's been a new experience for him. 

The girl managed his work for him, (as dumb as it might sound, yes she did), his Instagram pages and a lot of other stuff, but he never applauded her or in fact made her feel special among many of their common friends. A day of her absence, and she would be replaced. 

And then when one fine day, when she was feeling guilty of her feelings of loving a man like this, she confessed. All that the guy could say was "I never saw you like that" dude! Have you ever heard the word responsibility? Being accountable for what you are doing? Like seriously, if you are not interested in someone then stay in your limits. And let the other person do whatever they want with their life. The story doesn't end here. 

The girl was manipulated for a millionth time in believing that the boy didn't know and she ruined the friendship and the boy was as innocent as a newborn baby. She did her best to continue the friendship until one fine day he did those same things and the girl couldn't take any more. She confronted him and all he could say "I did not do that on intention" and thus it was decided that since he can't take responsibility for his actions they should part ways. 

Now the most funniest part is the girl was in love with him for two years, and still loved him, but she couldn't take the hurt that accompanied it, but now the boy thinks that she left because he didn't like her back. How funny is that. When the girl asked him why did he do that to her all he could say was I didn't intend it and it just kept happening. She told him that she wouldn't be able to trust anybody in this world because he was all she had, the reply is "I am sorry for that". And further goes on to advice, "You should not lose hope and you will definitely find someone you should keep trying". Her tears were a fuel to his ego (read heart) broken since years. How he acted that role of being a sensitive human being and ended up being the most insensitive. 

He tells the world the same version of the story while presenting himself as a victim and begging for sympathy saying that he always valued her and that he couldn't just express his love and affection towards me, and that even if he dies he cannot undo the pain. So much sympathy, huh!! The guy is trying so hard to be a good person in her story and to be a good person in other people's books and this is astonishing. 

The boy is still not ready to take the responsibility and accept that he never cared about her feelings and emotions and if she is getting hurt by his actions and that he simply used her. Men these days are literally can murder someone oh I just accidentally pulled off the trigger, I wasn't focused and I don't think before what I do or what I say. 

I think it's high time that men realis being lazy and not putting in the required efforts, to be careless, irresponsible is something to be ashamed of and not a flex. 


P. S. The word man/men is used with the silent suffix of *NOT ALL*, if you are not one of them there is no need to be unnecessary triggered but if you are one of them, then this post was written exactly for you. I hope you liked it .

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Written by Aishwary raj