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05 Jul '24
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To truly feel at home, may it be  a place, a person, a pet, or even an object. Home defines comfort, and finding comfort in something gives us hope to live and lead a brighter, happier life. Not everyone finds their home in this lifetime, and hoping and chasing after things that don't really matter can cost them their comfort, their home.Home isn't just four walls and a roof , nor a place where you end your day after running and chasing things not knowing if it really matters or not; home is the feeling of a warm affectionate embrace after facing the cruel world.

To not feel the warmth, comfort, and serenity of home is a living hell in the real world. To provide love and care for everyone comes from within. Those who have never felt it are often either the kindest or the coldest souls you could ever meet. However, both share a common trait: they are nurtured by themselves in different ways, and both hearts are kind which  craves only love and affection. One becomes kinder towards the world in hopes of finding their home one day, while the other becomes hard and prickly on the outside, unable to take the hatred and cruelty of the world, and becomes cold. But deep inside, these people are the softest and kindest souls you will ever meet if you make them feel at home by giving them the right amount of love and warmth.

Home is a place where we can truly be ourselves, where our vulnerabilities are met with compassion, and where our dreams are nurtured with unwavering support. In essence, home is not merely a physical space but a safe space where one can never feel the urge to express themselves without thinking twice.

Take, for example,  someone, who spent years moving from one place to another, searching for a sense of belonging peace solace , thought to herself she needs a better half, a person to make her feel loved but how she was wrong soon after she adopted a rescue dog that she finally felt at home. Her pet became her companion,a soulmate  providing the love and warmth she needed all her life , understanding the fact that “Home" is more than a place; it's a feeling of comfort and warmth that can be found anywhere and in anyone.”

In many cultures, the concept of home extends beyond the physical dwelling. For instance, in Japan, the term "uchi" refers to one's in-group or family, highlighting the emotional connections that make a place feel like home. Similarly, the African philosophy of "Ubuntu" emphasizes community and mutual caring, illustrating that home is where one feels supported and connected.

For those still searching for their home or to just feel a comfort of home consider these tips:

Create a Cozy Space Personalize your living area with items that bring you joy and comfort,fill your room with that fits your vibe. 

Build Relationships Foster connections with people who make you feel loved and supported, find your own circle, trust me being yourself can attract your people dont lose hope there are more than billions of humanlings filled in this world finding people who loves you for who you are is not as impossible as it seems

Practice Self-Care Take time to nurture yourself, as self-love is the foundation of feeling at home within yourself and above all of it make peace with yourself and give some love to your own self ,the world is cold and cruel and if none works out ,atleast treat yourself with love and be gentle to yourself

Reflect on what home means to you and how you can provide that feeling to others. Whether it's through kind words, a warm hug, or simply being present, we all have the power to create a sense of home for ourselves and those around us.

Those who deny needing a family or someone to call their home are often deeply hurt, as they never received the love and affection they should have gotten as children or grown-ups. They became resistant to anyone or anything, leading them to be hyper-independent. Minds may forget, but our souls and bones never forget how we were treated when they were at their lowest and needed affection, and the world turned its back on them. These people may appear happy and lively on the outside, but deep inside, they too need someone to call their home, to wake up next to,to love and be loved ,to feel safe and to face the world together. Indeed, a lifetime of loneliness and never finding comfort in anything seems devastating and tragic. No one should ever go through something like that. Every person deserves their own home, no matter who it is.

In conclusion, home is not just a physical space but a feeling of belonging, love, and comfort. It is a sanctuary for the soul, where we can truly be ourselves and find the strength to face the world. Let's strive to create and cherish that sense of home, both for ourselves and for others.

"Home is where the heart is." ~ Pliny the Elder

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Written by Rudy