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Gangubai Kathiawadi

03 May '24
4 min read


Every once in a while we are forced to step out from our superficial world to face the harsh realities of life. This movie was one such rude but necessary awakening for me.
Storyline: They made a few pages of an otherwise unwritten character into a full fledge story, that is an art mastered by only Sanjay Leela Bansali. The story is not rushed, it takes roots into your heart and bleds you dry as you watch the victory of Gangubhai. It is written with such passion and so much respect that I left the theatre with a deep appreciation for the respect they have shown towards the female gender as whole. The story though primarily focuses on Gangubhai but I can assure you it is a story is a tribute to the community
Solely for the ending speech on Azad maidaan by Gangubai and the message it gives out Except Few flaws and few scenes here and there, movie is great.
This is a story of a fighter and of a protector, it shades light on a very different perspective of the way the topic is generally dealt with. it gives respect, it shows strength and more importantly it shows the rawness of humans.
Casting: Alia Bhatt is one of the gem of the Indian Cinema, she wears the skin of her characters so easily but while watching this movie more than her dialogues I was mesmerised by her eyes, She has a power to show herself vulnerable and carefree one moment to going powerful and strong in the other, her change from Ganga to Gangu is so nicely done that you almost feel watching two different frames. She deserves all the praise and more, but her supporting cast did a phenomenal job too. Ajay Devgan in his limited screen time, Vijay Raaz as the power-hungry president, Shantanu complimenting Alia so nicely in their scenes and Seema Pahwa brilliant acting. There are few words in my dictionary to explain the amazing experience I had watching them take command of their characters, the cocktail of such raw and diverse talent mixed so perfectly in the movie.
Direction: Sanjay Leela Bhansali is not methodical or systematical, he is driven by his love for the art of cinema and that is also reason for his success. The choices as a director that he makes while filming the movie are purely driven by his own magic and that is why his movie ables to transport us to the world he creates. Gangubhai was another jewel but I would applaud for the manner he kept the respect of women while dealing with a topic that is surrounded and seen by the society as another tool to criticise and control the women. The direction was so nice that at one point I completely forgot I was in theatre and found myself being an ally to his character, empathising with her struggle and encouraging her actions. I have been a fan of his movie but after watching Gangubhai
If seen, we get to learn a lot from this movie, if any person really wants to learn something then this movie has impressed me a lot. Would like to thank you very much It teaches if one has courage, one can do anything. From meeting Goons to Meeting Prime Minister of the country, its all courage and a will to do so something towards what one wants.Gangu Bai will make you cry, touch, leave you in awe. You know it's a masterpiece when you cry and smile at the same time.
For all the women out there, watch it out. For all the men out there, learn it out. Must watch for all teenagers and adults 10/10 for the courage.

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Written by Aishwary raj