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09 May '24
3 min read


TW - It's a liberal post, against your clichés.
Don't mess with me up without reading the whole with some new illogical points.

•Feminism is for females
•Men don't cry
•Woman are bad drivers
•Men don't wear makeup

Agree or contradicting?
Go, contradict proudly.

Dear wise/mature people,

If someone says that he/she is a feminist, it doesn't mean, they're men haters or want superiority of woman. I know you're well educated and know backwards, still I'm making things easy here which have been made complicated over years on the so called social media. Okay, it's very easy. So, F E M I N I S M. It's not related to woman, dear. If you don't judge a book by it's cover, then don't even judge a word by how it sounds. There's hell of a difference between the word's definition and it's translation. "Feminism" solely means political, social, personal and economic equality of all the sexes or simply gender equality. It's not 'bout goin' against men or humiliating them with "all men are dogs." Don't misuse the word feminism, please. When it's pseudofeminism, it's pseudofeminism. It's not feminism. You're old enough to get the difference b/w equality and stratagem.

I saw a comment on the internet couple of days back which was having my conscious mind completely. It goes like (It's written by a man) :

"If a woman is saying *I'm wary of men because I've had bad experiences before* it's not a moment for men to say, *not all men*, it's a moment to listen. NOT ALL MEN. Not all cars crash but we still wear seat belts."

If not all men are dogs, then not all woman are bad drivers, weak in maths, have pink as their favorite colour, cry over small things. To all the men, it's absolutely okay if you wear makeup, are being sensitive, seeking  help for mental health or pink is your favourite colour.

Now if woman claim to be strong and powerful then why can't they stand and there's seat reservation in public transports? This?
Dear, when we say a woman is strong and powerful, we mean it mentally. If you've studied biology even a lil' bit, you'll be knowing that men are physically more stronger than woman. It's natural.
If a person is bleeding every month for almost 6 days, day-night, abdomen and lower back are dying of pain, thighs are havin' cramps, legs are trembling, despite of all this, goin' out for work, doin' the household chores too, feeling insecure in the crowd, being touched badly, I think it's a gesture of humanity if you give a seat to that person. Can't you? Is there any debate left 'bout seat reservation for woman now?

If there's equality, then why widowed men don't wear dull-gloomy colours, avoid goin' to the parties, shave their head like woman break bangles, smudge the vermillion powder and slit the mangalsutra?
We need feminism because it's enough of getting more jokes on sexism like, "men don't cry" and "woman can't drive". Why can't we treat every being equally?
I'm a feminist, proud feminist, too blunt, too objective, too intrepid who completely hates pseudofeminism. Now it'll take less than a minute to search on google, what pseudofeminism means but no, you've to waste your precious time you're having on social media, judging and scrolling people's posts, period.

Please behave like a responsible being and think out of the box, next time.

Category : Activisim


Written by Aishwary raj