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Exciting Updates for AYRA Writers & Readers

12 Apr '24
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New Writers Policy Effective Today (12 April 2024)

We have some exciting updates from AYRA!

1. Verified Writer Tag: Accomplished writers, book authors, editors, reporters, and journalists from leading national or regional newspapers, as well as national and state awardees for art and literature, can now obtain the Verified Writer Blue Tick on AYRA at No Cost!

2. Poetry and Prose: AYRA now supports Poems/Poetry. You can write and read Poems/Poetry now on AYRA

3. Reduced Article Length: Based on our Writers & Readers feedback, we have lowered the minimum word count per article from 600 to 150. Write and Read shorter articles.

4. Enhanced Writers Policy: Writers enjoy increased incentives and a lower threshold, allowing them to earn more with fewer readers for all articles published henceforth, i.e 12th April 2024 onwards.

5. Introducing AYRA Blogs: Stay updated with AYRA Blogs! From platform updates to discussions, contest announcements, and more, our blogs will be your go to space.

Writers, see the updated Writers Policy for complete information.

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