Everything is beautiful but do you have a beautiful eyesight?

30 Jun '24
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It was Janmashtami, the birthday of Lord Krishna and I was decorating the temple, when my daughter came to me and asked, "Mom, what is the meaning of curse? And is it a crime or a curse to have a dark skin tone?

I kept everything aside and asked, who said so? Why are you asking this dear? It's not like that, I was totally shocked to hear such words from her mouth.

I heard Meena aunty, our neighbour telling Seema Didi, her elder daughter that no one will marry her because she has dark skin , and she is a curse for their entire family.

That means it's not acceptable to be born with dark skin tone because people don't like it at all in our society. if we don't like dark skinned people and look them and treat them differently then why do we worship Lord Krishna? Isn't he also dark Mumma she said with innocence.

At times, the curiosity of children leads to new revelations for elders and proves to be an eye opener. Like a teacher they teach us some practical yet important lessons of life.

Her question left me speechless as I had no answer to it. Her question made me think, why don't people accept all skin colours, whether fair, dark or dusky without any judgement? People need to change their thoughts and mindset. 

The next day, I invited Meena ji and her family for tea and asked, did they celebrate Janmashtami yesterday?

She said, yes, we did. We all were fasting. We sang bhajans of Lord Krishna.

But why? I heard; you don't like people with dark skin tone. When you don't like his skin tone and you consider being born with a dark skin tone is a curse, then why do you worship Kanha ji? You yourself hate your daughter because she is dark. Is it right? I asked.

Meena was shocked to hear my words. She had realized her mistake. She said sorry and immediately left for her home.

Friends, through this article of mine, I would like to say that we all are God's creations. He has created us, then who are we to judge anyone? I request everyone to respect and accept each individual with his or her unique identity. A dark skinned person is also beautiful. All we need is to have that sight which can see beauty in everything.

I would also request you all to guide your children for respecting each person irrespective of the colour of the skin, shape or size from the beginning itself and also tell them that a good heart is much better than a good face and body. 
Good thoughts and good values make a person praiseworthy and not a beautiful face. 

Arti Mathur

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Written by Arti Mathur