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Essential Tips for Ayra Writers

06 May '24
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Here are some quick tips for maximizing your writing experience on Ayra.

View, Edit and Share Articles

Easily view, edit, and share your articles from the "My Articles" screen. Access it through Profile - My Articles.

Content and Stats

Check your article statistics in "Content and Stats" under My Profile. Statistics are updated every 2 or 3 days. If you have recently published an article, it may not appear immediately. We are working on having it near real time and this will be available in few weeks.

In Content & Stats, “ Views ” shows how many times your article has been read, “ Readers ” indicates the number of people who have read it, and “Average Read Time ” shows the average time readers spend on your article. Higher average read time indicates better reader engagement. For example, if a reader opens and reads your article 5 times, then "Views" will be 5, and "Readers" will be 1, as the same reader has read your article multiple times.

Where can you get free copyright free or stock photos?

You can find free copyright free or stock photos for your articles on these websites:

Hope you found these tips useful. Leave your comment in the comments section on what else you would like to know or learn about writing on Ayra.

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