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Essay on Slow Life- Snail trail

Intentional and deliberate living

10 Oct '23
6 min read


This article is one of hope. No, it's not the holy grail of saving mankind from an evil apocalypse but a quaint approach to life that is more fulfilling and joyous in simple, substantial, and indelible that incites triumph and elation. Happiness and goodness is the theme of the day and is it not a scene of gaiety if we incorporate that around us in our lifestyle? Especially in the times we live in, where we are constantly bombarded with information, trends, updates, revolutionary areas of science, living standards, economy, and most prominent of all technology. Technology is encroaching on every aspect of life, so finding to do something that is refreshing in this day and age with amusement at what it is with passion and commitment is a joy to behold. Technology advancement is getting to a point where people will now want robots to carry them from place to place and they can still get to enjoy the comfort and the warmth of their couches, homes, desks, or just lazy old chairs. We are not nondescript for leaning too much on technology, but it's always a rejuvenation if things are done differently.


Today it is all about perspective. You are having it sorted and giving it time to form itself in a way that is fulfilling and deeply enjoyable. Slow intentional living, encompasses a lot of meaning, satisfaction, and sensory delight from deliberate actions. Simplicity is the key and as simple as picking up a tube of paint and feeling the paint on your hand for a  few minutes to experience the texture and giving the feeling some attention as to how that makes one feel and recognizing what emotions and thoughts it stirs up in us. This is a sensory pleasure and guarantees to light up the neurons. This is a fine way of eliciting deep underlying joy within ourselves.


At present, we are in an age which is dominated by the advent of technology which has economically improved human lives compared to any time in human’s evolutionary history. We have been fortunate to enjoy the fruits and convenience technology has brought into our lives. So how does slow living in the times of technological prominence and dependence fit into our deliberate living? Let's dissect this narrative to understand how we can exercise slow living. Technology and convenience are great, the age has made comfort easily accessible and without distinction. It is a hurrah moment. But, for more vibrant life moments, it is also important that we lean in towards ourselves and spend time that is more than getting inputs and updates which makes us feel quasi-satisfied. We spend so much time indoors being tucked behind our computer screens and the need to be working, or watching something entertaining to keep our muddled brains jolly, this is definitely not something that most refute. To counter this action, we could once in a while think of getting some sun and that natural Vitamin D into our system which will have a serotonin boost much better than the Netflix binge. It's a simple yet effective act of kindness to yourself. If you don't have access or time to get the abundant Sun, then suggesting you build a solarium is not too far-fetched.


Slow living introduces us to well-being and full-circle regenerative life principles. For example, in our busy lives with calendars overbooked with tasks we have lost the art of laughing. The intentional art of laughing is where people just gather around in a room and talk and cackle about the things they are talking about. Does this happen often these days? Not very sure. We need to be intentional to get together, a group of friends without an agenda or our gadgets telling us beforehand all the things that are ‘cool’ to talk about. I guess the point of it all is, we don't slow down anymore. Quieting down the mind is challenging. Deliberately slowing down is the need of the hour here. Being intentional in everything you do, every decision you make, and every action you take. The art of thinking has been rapidly replaced by the ‘ need to constantly do ‘ as it is promised a higher return and a deeper satisfaction. But hustling without effectual thinking, does it ever get you to the promised land? I doubt so as the bar keeps shifting and the milestone is always moving. You never seem to arrive and that entails the feeling of never having enough and never being fulfilled. 


A sense of creation should be much more than ticking off a task on your to-do list. That creation is one which gives you power and joy in your hand, and that joy of creation is in the simple things. Things which were long ago our primal survival which are now a hobby or a fleeting activity, growing your own food in a vegetable patch. Having a slow life really encourages one to look at creation as a means of satisfaction rather than accomplishment. That is the difference between hustling and living intentionally. Success is relative and subjective but it is more pronounced when there is a deep-seated intention at play. 


Speaking of deliberateness, mindful and intentional living, how many times do we lift up our heads and gaze at the stars? Have we seen stars lately, shining up above our heads with a glint of something mysterious to them? Making it a notion to star gaze is good incorporation to slow life where the magic and warmth that you receive looking at the glimmer painted on the night sky is unmeasurable and a good potion to a long satisfying life where we appreciate simple pleasures. It might bring us more comfort and ease than any other fast-paced short-time gratifying pleasures of the present-day gadgets might. Star gazing, paint splashing, sunbathing, and growing your own food could be hedonistic but one that is congruent with nature. Saving ourselves from the endemic of boredom and burnout is what we really owe ourselves. Tie it up with some age-old tried trusted and tested tender love and care which is meaningful and wholesome.


P.S.: Engaging in some madness in the true Alice-in-the-wonderland style is not a bad idea as I feel we have been disenfranchised from this thought for too long now in chasing something more materialistic for a short term.

Category : Philosophy


Written by Panchami Shadakshari