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How To Embrace A Mindful Skincare Routine?

The power of mindfulness in your skincare routine - The Why & How.

24 Sep '23
7 min read


How often do you follow a skincare routine? Many individuals look forward to glowing radiant skin but fail to follow a skincare routine.

We tend to follow good practices like brushing twice a day to keep germs at bay. Likewise, shouldn’t your skin need some attention as well? You may ask the question – Why?

Your skin is the largest and the most visible organ in the body. Your skin renews itself every 28 days. So, don't you think a daily skincare routine is what your skin needs?

Are you wondering why the article is titled ‘How to Embrace A Mindful Skincare Routine’?

A mindful skincare routine works wonders for your skin and mental health. Do you know what mindfulness is in skincare? Let us dive first into what is mindfulness.

Being fully present in the moment” is Mindfulness. says, “It is the basic human ability to be fully present. Being aware of where we are and what we are doing. When you are not overly reactive or overwhelmed by what’s going on around you”, that is mindfulness.

Now that we know about mindfulness, let us see what mindfulness in skincare entails.

Completely immersing yourself while caring for your skin is a mindful skincare routine. During this process, you focus on the sensations and thoughts that arise as you apply various skincare products. You cultivate mindful practices like controlled breathing to maintain a state of calm and centered awareness.

You deeply connect with your body when you practice a mindful skincare regime. It effectively reduces stress levels and amplifies the benefits derived from your skincare routine."

In this article, let's see:

  • Why mindful skincare routine is important?
  • Tips to follow a mindful skincare routine.

Why mindful skincare routine is important?

The benefits of mindfulness in Skincare routine:


1. A mindful skincare routine minimizes STRESS

A skincare routine is a comforting ritual. According to a study, people who followed a simple 3 step skincare routine (cleaners, toner, moisturizer) saw a drop in the level of stress hormones and cortisol by 83 %.

Being mindful during your skincare routine can make it an act of self-love rather than a monotonous task. Taking extra time and being present at the moment can take your mind off stressful thoughts. When you are mindful, you‘ll realize what your skin needs, be it a massage, an exfoliation, or extra hydration.

2. A mindful skincare routine increases your SELF-CONFIDENCE

Who doesn’t love healthy, glowing skin? When your skin looks good and healthy, you feel confident about yourself.

A study shows that people who have skin conditions like acne or eczema can lead to low self-esteem. Another study by the Instyle revealed that 76% of the women felt good about themselves when their skin looked good. Research also suggests that taking care of your skin increases your self-esteem.

Sure, there’s a mind-body connection when it comes to self-confidence and one’s appearance.


3. A mindful skincare routine improves your MOOD

While you cleanse or moisturize, focus on the feelings of the products on your skin. As you gently massage your skin, the happy hormones like dopamine and serotonin increase and make you feel more joyful. Research says essential oils such as lavender, jasmine, or sandalwood help increase positive emotions.

4. A mindful skincare routine offers LONG -TERM BENEFITS:

A mindful skincare routine focuses on long-term health and the appearance of your skin. By selecting products tailored to your skin’s unique needs and being consistent, you promote overall healthy, youthful, radiant skin in the following years.

Tips to follow for a mindful skincare routine:



Practicing mindfulness in your skincare is a lot harder than you imagine. Do you know it’s harder to concentrate while following a skincare routine? Several to-do lists will be running at the back of your mind. Eventually, you carry out your skincare regime more quickly than setting aside time. Once you let go of the pressures of your mind and when you are fully present, you are ready to begin your mindful skincare routine. So, here are a few steps as to how you can add mindfulness to your skincare routine:

1. Initially, set an intention

Acknowledging your feelings should be the first step in your skincare routine.

What is it that you are feeling? Are you frustrated? Are you tired?

Set an intention of focusing on gratitude, acceptance, and self-love. Setting your intentions at first can determine how the next few minutes will make you feel. With these intentions in mind, start using your skincare products.


2. Prep your space


The space where you do your skincare routine is essential. It has to be welcoming. Whether you prefer your bedroom or the bathroom mirror, it is necessary that you feel relaxed while doing your skincare routine.

For example, if you love to begin your skincare routine in your bedroom, you can surround yourself with a few scented candles. Add a few drops of essential oil like Jasmine or lavender if you like aromatherapy. If you are a nature-loving person, try doing your skincare routine outside.


3. One step at a time



We live in a hectic lifestyle, and everything is in a rush. Being mindful of your skincare routine means taking some extra time as you use your skincare products. Instead of spending 30 seconds, aim to spend at least 2 -3 minutes. While you do so, engage your senses by feeling the product on your skin and smell it. Gently massage your skin and stay fully present in the moment, avoiding unnecessary thoughts. By taking extra time, your skin absorbs better.


4. Consider the ingredients you apply to your skin

One of the mindfulness habits for healthier skin is to learn about the ingredients in your skincare products. Choose skincare products that are natural, organic, and sustainable. Natural and organic skincare products keep your skin away from allergies and are environment-friendly. Learn about the various components in your skincare products and familiarize yourself with their benefits.

But how does this relate to mindfulness?

Using ingredients you can trust means selecting the one that works best for your skin.


5. Pay attention to products and their impact on your skin



Being present at the moment can help you understand how each product reacts to your skin. It is why you must take it slow while following a skincare routine. Take notes of what works best for you and what needs to be changed and added. By doing so, you can avoid experimenting with products to find the right one.


6. Progress and not Perfection.

Take things slowly, one step at a time. While you try to achieve healthy, flawless skin, your progress matters. You will eventually reach there. But while following your skincare routine, try to be fully present in the moment. At times, your progress may be slow. Also, comparing your skincare journey with others defeats the sole purpose of mindfulness in skin care. Stay put in your skincare journey and enjoy the slow process by being present.


7. Follow without judgment



There is nothing right or wrong when it comes to mindful skincare. Follow a skincare regime that works best for you. If your skincare routine only involves a cleanser, toner, moisturizer, and sunscreen, embrace it with love.


Bottom line: Mindfulness in your skincare routine is a holistic approach that helps you achieve flawless, healthy skin. It benefits your body and mind as well. By being consistent, being fully present, and using natural skincare products, you can improve the overall well-being and healthy appearance of your skin. So what are you waiting for? Get started with your mindful skincare routine.

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