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An imaginative world

25 Apr '24
1 min read

In a land where dreams take flight,

Where aspirations dance in the moon's soft light,

There lived to a maiden, heart full of fire,

With dreams soaring higher and higher.


Her aspirations, a tapestry of tales,

Woven from whispers of ancient trails,

In each thread, a fairy's gentle touch,

Guiding her through trials, oh, how much


From Cinderella's glass shoes to Alice's wonder,

Her dreams wandered, lightning and thunder,

She chased the stars like Peter Pan's flight,

Through Neverland's skies, burning bright.


But amidst the magic, a shadow loomed,

The weight of reality, heavy, consumed.

For dreams, they shimmer, but life, it's real,

With struggles and doubts, an endless ordeal.


Yet, she clung to hope, like Rapunzel's hair,

In the tower of doubt, she found solace there.

For every setback, a lesson to learn,

In the pages of dreams, her heart would yearn.


Through trials and tears, she held fast,

Like Little Red Riding Hood in the forest vast.

Her dreams, a beacon in the darkest night,

Guiding her towards the morning light.


And in the end, as the story unfolds,

She found her place, amidst legends untold.

For dreams, they're more than just fairy tales,

They're the whispers of the heart, the wind in our sails.

Category : Poetry


Written by Shria Chirvi