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Divine Captures: A Journey of Faith & Surprises at Shirdi’s Saibaba Temple.!

29 Nov '23
2 min read


In the bustling days of my 7th-grade school trip to Aurangabad-Daulatabad-Shirdi-Paithan, excitement bubbled within me, armed with a borrowed hotshot camera to capture the essence of the adventure with my school friends. 

Little did I know, this journey would become a tapestry woven with unexpected twists of faith.

As the lens clicked away capturing joyous moments, the aura shifted upon reaching Shirdi's Saibaba Temple. 

Use of cameras was strictly prohibited in the main temple where Saibaba's statue was located.

Undeterred, I concealed my camera inside my sweater, embarking on a clandestine mission. Heart pounding, I managed to capture the divine without detection, a feat both exhilarating and conflicted.

The thrill of rebellion, however, faded into an unexpected revelation upon developing the film. 

Except for two pictures of Saibaba that I had clicked without even looking at the main statue came out perfectly. However all others emerged blank or extremely dim, a mysterious twist that left me pondering the divine intervention that spared those sacred frames.

This encounter etched the beginning of my devotion to Saibaba, a source of peace, love, and prosperity. 

A subsequent visit to a Saibaba temple in Irvine, Southern California, unfolded another unexpected chapter. We reached late to the Saibaba’s temple for the Aarti on my wife’s birthday , I found myself invited by the priest out of hundreds of people, to lead the congregation, a gesture that reaffirmed the divine connection forged on that fateful school trip. 

In the tapestry of life, sometimes the unexpected threads of faith, humility, and divine intervention weave the most profound stories. 

Embrace the twists, for it is in those moments that the true beauty of your journey is revealed.

Category : Personal Experience


Written by Parikshit More