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Divine Blessings - Fresh start

01 Jan '24
4 min read



Miracles , we all need them  , many a time they happen unasked for , that's why perhaps we call them so  . I personally have experienced Blessings from the Universe , when least expected .

This happened a few years ago when I had to appear at a court on some official work . 
Other than for those in the profession of law , the court may not be a place one would want to step in  voluntarily unless it's absolutely essential . Throughout my travel in an auto, to the court , I kept praying to see an indication,  a picture or something in writing behind a passing vehicle that would reassure me all is well . I didn't get to see any of what i wished too and was very disappointed .

Waiting to be called to the office of the lawyer at the court , we waited an anxious few moments , my prayers getting fervent ! 
When we finally got called inside , first , the lawyer said there was no necessity of the presence of so many of us  representing our office , coming there , especially a lady ! 
Second , on his table I spotted the picture of Shirdi Sai Baba , the deity , whose picture I searched in vain behind passing vehicles .  My reassurance , right in front of me ! Rest assured , the work at the court went on smoothly and we went back to office in a better state of mind .

Making the most of a long drive and wanting some calm in the hustle of life , my husband and I often frequent the Sai Baba temple at Devanahalli , Bangalore . 
On one occasion , as we entered the temple , I heard something very familiar being played . Trying hard to figure out the familiarity , I stood almost  transfixed , it was the Devi Kavach which I listen to daily . I am accustomed to hearing Devi Kavach by our  Guru whereas here , a different version of the same Kavach recited was being played . I had a morning ritual , hearing the Devi Kavach followed by the Hanuman Chalisa . What would you call this coincidence if not a miracle ,  the Devi Kavach stopped on completion and the next song that commenced was Hanuman Chalisa . Divine vibes indeed , that moved my soul  and left me tongue tied .

These are just the major signs , miracles , vibes , call them by any name that I have experienced the more frequent ones are sighting pictures , seeing His name written perhaps on a signboard or the name of a shop which I spot passing by has happened innumerable times , feel really Blessed and taken care of 🙏!  

The number nine that Baba loves , getting a vehicle totalling to that number without asking for a special number , just trusting what He does must be the best for us ! So much to be grateful for 🙏 !

I have been reading the Sai Satcharitra  a chapter a day , for sometime now ,  have also been a part of the Mahaparayan where many groups read  allotted chapters every Thursday . There have been instances when the chapter allotted in the Mahaparayan happens to be the next of what I am reading daily , which again I take as a miracle , nothing short of it ! This without any pre-design or calculated move .

Almost reaching completion of the Sai Satcharitra this time , I tried not getting excited or even imagine it was really happening , but it did !  I have reached the last chapter with the arati  on the last day of this year 2023 ! Sheer coincidence , divine intervention , miracle , I can give it many names 🙏 , I will take it as an indication from Baba , Universe , Almighty to start afresh ! Make a fresh start is what Baba wants to tell me !

2024 , a fresh year , with hopes , aspirations and loads of Blessings ! May you all be abundantly Blessed !



Category : Personal Experience


Written by Poornima Nalkoor