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09 Jul '24
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A sunshine in the daylight and a chaotic sky of brimming emotions at night, just two sides of her invisibly visible to the world. When you look at her, all you find is serenity and calmness even when her soul is stuck in the storm. You think she is strong because you have never seen her crying on her scars and she thinks she isn't strong because she couldn't cry whenever a piece of her was taken away from her.

She is coiled up within a hard shell to protect a heart which is tender, soft and sensitive and gets harmed by little things, most people often fail to notice. Her face beams with confidence, her eyes shining like stars and her smile as fragrant as a rose preserved as a memory of love between the pages. She is hopeless romantic but is scared of love, she loves taking care of others but is never taken care if, neither does she ask for it. She accepts the fact that she is still an unanswered riddle, a book written in a language nobody can understand and those who can they don't wish to read. She doesn't have a home so she made one in the abandoned ways and lonely sleepless nights.

But then, as they say night changes and the morning comes. A morning for which she always hoped for but never expected would arrive. She has been in darkness for an era, and now this sunshine feels heavy on her eyes. She has been suffocating for so long that she has forgotten how to breathe.To be understood was a part of her imagination and to be loved part of her fiction books.
It was beyond thought that somebody one day would hold fragile pieces of her heart and design a beautiful mosaic out of them. Someday somebody would protect from the winter of her grief with blanket of love and that somebody would be willing to see, accept and kiss her vulnerable self well hidden beneath the rags of her strength. 
She believed, love can heal every wound and now when it's happening, she can't quite believe it.

an old draft, an old memory ~

The lines in the BG are from a ghazal written by basheer badra

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Written by Aishwary raj