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Summer: The Coolest Days

Season of Joy

02 May '24
4 min read


Sit back and relax You and I going back to those days which I call season of joys, season of memories, seasons of excitements, season of adventures and in short season of everything where we like all in all in that season except the Hot Sun.

We definitely witness the coolest summer season in our child hood irrespective of how hot the sun going to be. To be honest instead of calling it as a summer season if would be more relevant if we call this as Children Season.

So just stay with me & I will make recall a few sneak peeks of adorable moments that we experienced in our summer child hood. Let's Goooo!! 

Holidays Notification πŸ“œ

It all starts with the official holiday announcement at school. We all eagerly wait for the notice, and after that, with utmost excitement, we rush to our Amma to say, 'From tomorrow on wards, hurrayyyyyy!!! πŸš€' (You got it, I guess).

Strategically Planning  ⛳️

Here is where we utilize all of our brainpower and nerves to extract as much joy as possible from summer. Well, of course, for most of us, it will start with Grandma's house πŸ€— and end with an insane number of cherished memories and unforgettable experiences.

Old Friends / Cousins  Reunion πŸ«‚

On one side, the elders are busy exchanging formal wishes, while on the other side, we forget about all those conventional greetings and dive into discussions about which games to play. Awww, how selfless those days are, right? And there are also countless sparks of joy on Grandma's face as she witnesses this gathering.

Mangooooes πŸ₯­

Can anyone really go through the summer without indulging in at least one slice of mango? From my perspective, it's a big NO. Indeed, summer equals mangoes (Summer  === Mangoes), where at least once on every street, we encounter mango trees laden with fruit, inviting us to taste their sweetness.

Personally I love raw mango with salt & chilly power combination 🀀

Power cut 🌚

During the day, we often feel frustrated by the power company's timing with power cuts. But at night, we forget to criticize them and instead appreciate how they remind us to enjoy the beauty of the world from our terrace. Do you remember the fights for the middle spot to avoid the ghosts at night? πŸ˜‚

I still recall arguing with my sisters, claiming that the moon was on my side.

Pickles  πŸ« 

This is where I fail to grasp the essence of the summer season because even in the midst of scorching heat, our craving for pickles remains unstoppable. It's notably the season for pickles too. How peculiar is that? πŸ™„


Adventures 🀠

This is the time when we get a chance to explore other hidden interests we're truly passionate about. I believe each one of us has at least one mark on our body that serves as a reminder of the adventurous things we did during our summer holidays.  

Excitement of New Academic Year πŸ€“

Fresh beginnings are always special, no matter what. As children, we're eager to see the increment in our book counts, meet new teachers, and discover our new classroom as we move up to the next grade. It's a time filled with excitement and anticipation.

Conclusion  πŸŒž

Feeling of missing those days.,Even I too πŸ«‚. In this age of technology a very few people are still fortunate enough to experience these precious moments unfortunately we aren't among them but I'm grateful I had a chance once upon a time. 

Hope you enjoyed this sneak peek into the memories of the summer season. Do let me know in the comments what you enjoyed during your summer holidays. I'm super anxious to know πŸ˜‰.


Category : Personal Experience


Written by Malavi Pande

A Renaissance soul in the digital age 😌