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Cyber criminals are using AI to Mimic Family Members Voice & Dupe People




15 Apr '24
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Cybercriminals are escalating their tactics, using coercive methods like "digital arrest" and threatening to kidnap victims' children, especially those studying abroad. They employ AI software to mimic children's voices or send manipulated images to convince victims. Recently, a retired senior Navy officer lost Rs 68.49 lakhs to cybercriminals posing as Mumbai police.

These criminals contact victims using VoIP/WhatsApp/Skype calls, posing as police or investigators. They falsely accuse victims of crimes and coerce them to transfer funds to government agency accounts, threatening consequences if they refuse.

Another tactic involves fake kidnapping calls, targeting parents of children abroad. They use AI to mimic children's voices and demand money for their release. Victims' children are made unreachable before the calls to prevent confirmation.

The rising rate of cybercrimes emphasizes the need for awareness. People should exercise caution in online transactions and communication with strangers to avoid falling victim to these scams. Additional DCP Shailendra Singh Chouhan advises skepticism toward demands for financial transactions from strangers and warns against blind trust in AI voice replication technology.

Source: TOI

Category : Education


Written by Prasad