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Creating Business Profile on AYRA

17 Apr '24
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Creating a Business Profile on AYRA

Creating a Business Profile on AYRA is similar to the process of creating an individual profile, and it is FREE. Simply input the Business/Entity Name and sign up with a Business Email ID.

AYRA Verified Organizations

AYRA Verified Organizations allows businesses of all kinds to register and manage their accounts, as well as affiliate and verify any associated accounts. Verified Organizations offers two tiers: Multiple Accounts and Basic. The Basic tier offers a more limited feature set and is restricted to a Single Account.

Organizations that subscribe to Verified Organizations will receive a golden tick mark. Furthermore, organizations subscribed to the Multiple Accounts tier can opt to affiliate any individual or entity associated with them. An affiliated account receives verification status and is part of Organization's Publisher Profile. Small image of their parent company's profile picture is displayed next to their checkmark. Clicking on the Company logo or name directs users to the affiliated organization's page within AYRA or external Company site. Affiliations are not included in our Basic tier.

As an introductory offer, the Basic tier costs Rs 299 per month plus applicable taxes instead of the regular price of Rs 499 per month, while the Multiple Accounts tier costs Rs 999 per month plus applicable taxes instead of the regular price of Rs 1999 per month. This introductory offer is valid until December 31st, 2024 only.

Startup Offer

To support startups, we offer special pricing where the Basic tier is available at Rs 199 per month plus applicable taxes, while the Multiple Accounts tier costs Rs 499 per month plus applicable taxes. This offer is valid for the first 6 months, after which they will be moved to the regular pricing tier.

Earnings from AYRA

Verified Business entities/startups in the Multiple Accounts tier are also eligible to earn from their content on AYRA. These entities can earn 35% of the revenue (subject to change in the future) generated from their respective posts on AYRA.

Disclaimer: All pricing is subject to change in accordance with the terms and conditions of AYRA. Entities will be notified via email in advance of any changes.

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