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Confused emotions

26 Apr '24
1 min read


Emotions struggling, my heart aches 

But gotta smile, my people's happiness is at stake, 

Can't comprehend, whose fault it is?

If it's mine, i promise I won't repeat, 

If suffering is an option, why am i choosing it?

Got no other option, so accepting it, the way it is

Destiny is not on my side, few days it has been

Enough of the dark side, now, I have seen

I don't know anymore how feeling happy feels like

Gotta show I'm happy somehow

Albeit am unhappy inside

Not looking at people directly into their eyes,

So that no one can see the tears rising in my eyes

Changing myself everyday but unable to fathom some things

So here I am, with an aching heart and a pen which bleeds.




Category : Poetry


Written by Roshni Nayak