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10 Jun '24
3 min read


A call came on Sabita's phone. She received it, talked about something, then switched off the phone, picked up her bag, and went out. Then someone coming from outside interrupted her.

"Sabita... Sabita... how come here?" the person exclaimed.

Sabita racked her brain. After thinking for some time, she looked at the person and said, "Hey, Sharat, you! After so many years, I can't believe my eyes," Sabita said.

"Yes, when I saw you, I too thought, how come you are here?" Sharat replied.

"I had come here for training. I got a call that the training program was canceled, so I was going back," Sabita told Sharat.

"Okay, I had come to this city for business. I have been staying in this hotel for three to four days. Let's go and sit in my room," Sharat suggested.

"Okay, then let's go," Sabita said.

Both reached the room. Sharat asked Sabita, "Tea or coffee?"

"Tea, that too with ginger," Sabita said.

Sharat ordered two teas from the room phone and then asked, "Tell me, how are you?"

"I am alright. And you tell me, how are you? Married or not?" Sabita inquired.

"That's it, I am fine. I am married, have a son and daughter. Now you tell," Sharat said.

"I am also married, have three sons," Sabita replied.

Then Sharat said, "Do you know how many years have passed? I have met you after 23 years. You know that tuition session; you used to make two braids at that time. Remember everything," Sharat said.

"Yes, I remember. How can I forget? We both were in 11th class. When we used to sit for tuition, your eyes were always towards me. I always used to notice," Sabita said.

"So you used to notice, and I used to think that you don't even look at me. But the boys studying with me used to tease me by calling your name," Sharat said.

"Do you know, Sharat, the letter you had written for me was found by my friend Shilla lying on the floor in tuition? She gave it to me and said, 'Look, it is from your lover,'" Sabita said.

"Good, so you have received that letter, and I was wondering whether that letter got lost or fell somewhere," Sharat said.

"You know, I waited for you in college also, that maybe you would express, but you spent three years in college and still neither expressed nor talked to me. Then a relationship came for me from a good house, and I said yes to marriage. I did it, and the dream of marrying you remained a dream in my eyes. And today, I have met you after so long," saying this, Sabita's eyes filled with tears.

"How to express? I was from a poor family and later became educated and employed. I had nothing in my hands, neither money nor a job, and by that time, I got the job; you belonged to someone else," saying this, Sharat's eyes welled up, "So the dream of marrying you remained just a dream in my eyes."

Sabita also cried and hugged Sharat. Both of them hugged each other and cried to their heart's content. Sharat kissed Sabita's forehead, and by that time, someone knocked on the door—perhaps tea had arrived. Both of them drank tea, then Sabita said, "Okay, I am leaving now. Please give me your phone number."

Sharat said, "No, you be happy in your family, and I am happy in my family. Just capture this beautiful moment in your heart forever. My eyes and yours should be filled with such dreams only. This is our last meeting. That too was a coincidence."



Written by Bidyadhar Mantry