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Chinese Dominance in Mobile Display Manufacturing:

A Global Shift.

07 May '24
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China has been a global leader in the production of mobile displays in recent years. Its domination is felt both domestically and internationally. Let's examine the causes of this change and what it means.

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The Rise of Chinese Brands in India

Smartphone Market Share:

India is now the second-biggest smartphone market globally, behind only China, after surpassing the US in 2019.

Chinese brands accounted for almost 72% of the 158 million smartphone handsets that were supplied to India.

In a short amount of time, companies like Oppo, Vivo, Xiaomi, and Realme have made major inroads into the Indian market.

Diversification Across Consumer Segments:

Chinese businesses are significant players in a variety of consumer markets in addition to cell phones.

Lenovo is the leader in computer hardware, and Haier is rising through the ranks in white goods.

Huawei is a leader in telecom gear, especially in 5G technologies.

Digital Dominance:

Chinese businesses are becoming more noticeable online as well.

ByteDance, the parent company of TikTok, is planning to invest $1 billion in India due to the platform's popularity there.

Both Club Factory, an online retailer, and Alibaba-owned UC Browser have sizable user bases.

Indian digital behemoths like Paytm and Zomato are backed by investors like Tencent and Ant Financials.

Even Tencent owns the well-known smartphone game PUBG.


Geopolitical Unease vs. Trade Links

Complex Relationship:

Deep trade ties exist between China and India despite geopolitical issues.

Historical border issues and political tensions coexist with the $87 billion trade between the two nations.

Even their military personnel have received a warning from India not to use Chinese devices or apps.

Global Perception Shift:

China's standing has changed internationally from that of a low-cost product supplier to that of a reputable actor.

This change has been facilitated by strategic intent and international acquisitions (such as Lenovo's purchase of IBM's hardware division).


India’s Opportunity

Flat Panel Manufacturing:

India's flat panel manufacturing industry is expected to increase.

Key subsidies, worries about China, and a rapidly expanding local market are among the contributing factors.

India's economy is growing more quickly than China's, which is making it more appealing.

Strategic Positioning:

India can take advantage of its standing as a major participant in the worldwide production of mobile displays.

India can fight China's hegemony by encouraging innovation, funding research, and supporting domestic industry.


It is indisputable that China dominates the global market for mobile displays. Nonetheless, the picture may change as a result of India's geopolitical actions and expanding influence. The world's tech community is keeping a careful eye on these two titans of industry competition, hoping for more changes in the power dynamics.

Disclaimer: This blog's opinions are based on research and data that is currently available. Readers are advised to keep informed as the situation may change.


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Written by Kumaraswamy S