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13 Oct '23
5 min read


What???? What was that? Did I see something? Are they beautiful shiny globules gliding and making their Venn diagrams in the field of air space right in front of my eyes? Each globule has its unique dimension and vacillates at varying speeds. The little me was fascinated with these particles' mere shine and speed. My stumbling steps brushed the fresh blades of grass with glossy dew drops of winter mornings. I ran to my mother with excitement. The spectacle that unfolded right in front of my eyes was a big deal to be revealed. Mom was peeling the segments of orange on the porch of our house. I was excited to learn more about it from her. I asked her, “Mom, what are those round things which are moving in the sky?”. She replied, "Those are dust particles Chinnu." I was old enough to understand, that dust is something that settles on shoes if played in the school field. Then what must this be? 

A couple of years later in the springtime, I had fallen sick, having an episode of coryza. With my nose and ears blocked due to inflammations of the linings, I was advised to rest and drink warm soups. I heard strange noises. I tried to open my eyes while lying on my bed. The sounds were as if an engine was on, or that of a machine being operated, like a hum of a bee. All very random, without a proper rhythm or beat. Could it be a mosquito? AAAAAHHHH !!!! so annoying to wake up from my slumber to only see a perfect room with no insects. My inflamed eustachian tube was doing tricks with my inner ear apparatus. How could I be so sure of the sounds heard, when there was no noise of any kind? Especially when there was no electricity due to a power cut. No appliance in the house was working. It was a strange high-frequency sound that hit my ears…what was it? This happened again when I was lying idly on the bed playing with my messy hair. This time I was not sick. Then what is the noise?

Mom and Dad were always very easy to approach with, with these kinds of strange questions. When all my friends used to play on playgrounds, or at home with board games, I was always thinking about these experiences. My cortex was constantly asking for a logical explanation for those incidents. 

To make matters worse, new concepts like speed, time, and gravity were now being taught in school. The sounds I heard and things I saw were behaving very differently than what was being taught. I couldn't tolerate this distress. One day I spoke with my teacher regarding these globules in the air and weird noises. She too, gave me some explanation similar to the lines of my parents' answers. 

With time, I forgot these incidents. I was learning fine arts, music painting, and learning new things. Architecture buildings and their constructions fascinated me. I loved many subjects at a time. I was inquisitive, always on a mission to learn new things. I started reading books and literature. Stories gripped me. Then something changed.

I was in my late teens, learning medicine (being a medicine student had its learnings, but the subject matter of preparation of medicine in trituration and succussion was beyond my imagination) and something new hit me and took me back to my childhood questions. The preparation of medicine was unique. I had learned something about quantum physics earlier. But that knowledge was not enough. I was trying to connect the dots. In the meantime, I also started learning, that there are energy centers in our bodies, energy around us, energy that sets things in motion, also energy that is present in inanimate objects. Perhaps my incomplete sentences were finding a completion.

In the later years when I started my medical practice, I also worked on myself with physical and mental exercise(meditations). Here I realize there is another world altogether that needs to be explored via meditations. Some experiences are immensely beautiful, mentally invigorating, and sometimes challenging my beliefs too. I began to read books. Ask questions to my mentors in the spiritual field as well as the science fraternity. I got many of my answers here. Strangely many animation movies, Sci-fi movies helped me understand things that were left unanswered and difficult to comprehend theoretically. 


It was a happy me. I got my answers. I am sure with every passing experience, I am gaining new inputs to my repertoire. The quest continues..


Readers if you are wondering what those answers are, then trust me, the process of learning has been truly marvelous and I intend to keep it secret. The answers were always right there.

 ‘What your MIND does not know, your eyes do not see, your ears do not hear’- these are not my words. Ponder upon it.

Category : Personal Experience


Written by Dr. Shilpa Sathyavada