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Uninvited problems and unwelcomed difficulties

10 Oct '23
8 min read


        All of us are after happiness. Who in the world would want to invite problems? In fact, each one of us try our level best to avoid them. Right? None of us can be Kunti, who prayed to Lord Krishna for problems galore, without breaks, just so that she remembers God non stop.

     Some problems occur all of a sudden, on their own. Some others are created by us.  Some people swallow their difficulties and move on  easily.  Some others fall heavily under their burden.

       What one considers as problem , may be a challenge to another. This depends on the attitude  and age of the person facing those difficulties, severity of the problems and the extent of preparation.

        How we manage the difficult period is more important than how we resolve the issues.  The difficulty level reduces as days pass because with each passing day , we tend to accept , we become adjusted  to them and we are resigned to adapt ourselves to the problems.  

      Post the difficult period, some of us will feel a sense of achievement if we had handled it with courage and a stable mind.  Sometimes we will be left with bitterness of the aftermath.  This is because we wouldn't have dealt the problems with what they deserve.  Giving undue importance, using Hi Fi techniques where small measures would have sufficed , blaming others for the problems, spreading our unhappiness to everyone around us , spoiling relationships…...all these would leave a bad taste in the mouth after the crisis passes.

        Almost all problems arrive with a small hint. Except acute health issues. If we are alert and nip the problem in the bud, we are saved to a large extent.  Even major health issues begin small.  If we use our head and regulate our expenses and conserve our sources of income when we are alerted to a major financial crisis, we are saved from bigger loans in future. If , at the onset of a serious health problem, we take precautions and measures of treatment, we could  avoid major medical issues. If the relationship issues get resolved in the beginning itself, with clarity and sensibility, we could avoid heartbreaks.

      But some problems shock us with their arrival.  What should be our attitude then?  Such problems, of course, will not be resolved on their own. Sometimes they may increase or become severe with the passage of time.  If we do not heed to them, the end result will surely be a disaster.  We have to take proper measures to our utmost capacity and resolve them.   No escape route will clear our path. We have to face them head on, increase our mental strength,  find suitable solutions and face each day with the Maxim " This too shall pass" .   Of course, not an easy thing when you are full of anxiety and under stress.  But the difficult period carries us with it, makes us more mature and equanimous and tolerant.  This will be the answer you get if you ask any person who has just come past that stage positively.

      Thanks to problems. They come without asking, unwelcomed. They don't seek us out,  out of all the people in the world. They come to make us strong . Though a support system in the form of family and friends exist, we have to bear our own weight. The sooner we accept the problems , the better is the compromise. And finding solutions should become our thought process, not dwelling in self pity.

      If the physical solution to our problems is not available in the immediate future, if we are able to generate a strong conviction that the inevitable problem will be solved at the earliest, we shall be contributing greatly to that effect.  The keyword is CONVICTION here.

       The universe is nothing but energy and information, both spiritually and scientifically. And this energy responds beautifully to our convictions and intentions.

And  what a relief it will be, when the period of pain passes!!  

      One last point.. will we have the same thoughts and emerge as strong and  stable , with dignity, when we go through a period of bliss and happiness? !!!!!!!!


     When shock / tragedy hits you, that is, when it hits you first, it feels as if it is the end of the world. It is like being bumped into the ocean during a storm. The water tosses you and thrashes you and there is nothing you can do but try to stay afloat. Part of you-- maybe even most of you-- don't even want to keep your head above water. You want to stop fighting and just sink away. But you can't. The survival instinct won't let you. Or, may be,  your other responsibilities may pull you up. So, like it or not, you will stay afloat. 

      After a while, the storm part gets over. And that's when it gets even worse. You can say you are washed up ashore. But all that thrashing and tossing will have caused irreparable harm. You will be in tremendous pain. And that is not the end of it. Because, now you will be left with an awful alternative.  To learn to live again. Probably with a damaged body. Most certainly with a damaged spirit. To lead a normal life as if nothing has happened. 

       You can try to move past the pain. You can try to forget and get on with your life. Or you can try to hold onto the past and wallow in self pity or suffer from a victim complex forever.  If you choose the former, in course of time, you will be able to breathe easier, though at times, you will be pulled back into the depressive vortex of the past. But, as one of the great saying goes, " Time heals everything", though the wound of the hurt doesn't heal completely, it is suppressed into the depths of your mind . Once in a while, be sure that it will rear its head up. But, as days pass, you will relearn to lead a normal life. That is inevitable, isn't it ? You may have a long way to go, duties to perform, chores to complete, in other words, you will be forced to immerse yourself in day to day activities...And if you get lucky, this might even become a  new turning point of your life. After all, life is to be lived to the fullest and each breath you inhale, is the fresh, new beginning of your  new life..... not tomorrow,..... not next year. 

     But if you decide on the latter and start your eternal  crying,  about the way life has treated you, in due course, you will attract more misery, more illnesses, more unhappiness and so on….each day , each hour, each minute , each breath will be a reminder of the burden you carry. Incidentally that burden will be yours and yours alone. If lucky , you may be supported by sympathetic ears and soothing tongues . But for how long?? That depends on your attitude towards them till the time you were hurt. If only you can  invoke enough courage to look inward, seek out the hidden treasure of mental strength, try out the natural remedial measures available and get back on your foot, you will be immensely benefited personally and become a role model for many. This can be made possible with a little twist to your way of thinking….that is, ….developing an attitude of gratitude. If you become truly grateful for the little gifts of life, you are sure to attract more, without having any intention to receive. That is the law of universe. You can start this by expressing your gratefulness daily , to the organs of your body,  which are healthy and functioning properly, while ignoring the ones which are in or are giving you trouble. This is taking one step towards recovery.  The second step would be to recognize and recall those fleeting moments of pure joy and bliss which you had earlier experienced in your life and just shower your mind with the pure and positive emotions that are thus awakened. You will discover many such ways as you move along.  Life is to be lived...... not dragged along.



Category : Philosophy


Written by Indira Udupa