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Book Readers Declining

06 May '24
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Not sure where we are heading to. Technology has already taken us to a different stride. Mobile and TV along with Internet and OTT has made us over occupied. It has overindulged us due to its media and content.

There are many positives as well such as mobile banking, UPI, bill payments, etc. which can be done in few seconds rather than stepping out and stand in queue for longer periods.

It has given us the freedom of choice what to use and to what extent. If we have control on our actions, it is not difficult to cut down the usage of mobile. It boils down to the area of discipline. 

How to make kids read: 

  1. If parents keep reading, kids would tend to read as they quickly follow what parents do.
  2. Make the reading interesting by telling them stories. Sometimes, how we narrate the story makes them to read such stories on their own.
  3. Take kids to the Libraries. Get membership for them. This won’t cost much compared to OTT platforms. Library environment itself takes them to the different world around the books.

How reading helps:

  1. Improve knowledge from various areas.
  2. Enhances vocabulary to the greater extent which we never thought of.
  3. Being away from gadgets, it already shows signs of improved focus. Kids can listen to what parents are saying!

Around us:

  1. Have seen my friends back to basic phone to avoid distractions.
  2. Many have eyesight issues and doctors have advised them for less screen time.
  3. Binge watch and binge-eat and that to together creating obesity and many illnesses.
  4. Getting early disability – It is not only about physical movement but also disability in taking few minutes to read or even write or recognize what’s going on around us.
  5. Covid has made us to adapt to e-learning and work from home. But we know learning in presence and working in office provides us opportunity to know our colleagues better, build rapport, have empathy and warm. All these helps us in doing things correctly and quickly.
  6. Online gamification has taken kids to the custody where it attracts them from Level 1 to Level 2 to Level N. It doesn’t stop there and takes them to next edition where kids are completely trapped.
  7. Mobile data is cheap and that’s how it helped many businesses to shine. Online shopping, ordering foods and OTT are to name few. But we need to make sure that we should not turn out as clients to hospitals and pharmacies!
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Written by Raghavendra Gowda