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06 May '24
1 min read


My Love is beautiful, beautiful 

It is a beginning of my smile 

Just Looking into your eyes 

It's kind fault of mine, I lost my mind, I lost my mind 

You know that,

My Love is beautiful, beautiful 


You ,me and our love is here

So don't be shyful stubborn oh my dear 

Look we are under the fragrance of golden flowers 

Let's play your favourite song and supress your all fears and tears 

Just smile, and just feel this emotion in me 

Then you definitely know 

My Love is beautiful, beautifual 



I will show you the most important thing in me in my eyes 

Then you will realise feelings from  my soul to your heart 

Establish the body to body 

Contact by giving hugs in your embrace  

Then I became shy and you will be the reason for that

That would be the prettiest moment in my life 

That's for this 

My Love is beautiful, beautiful 





Category : Poem


Written by Aditi Rahate