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Best Chick Lit Reads

If you want some recommendations of chick lit, read this book

06 May '24
5 min read


The Catch by Amy Lea

Melanie Karlsen is a Boston fashion influencer and needs to save her brand so she finds herself in a rural fishing village on the east coast of Canada. She meets a bearded bed-breakast owner and fisherman Evan Whaler and shows her that the theory of every Canadian being nice is wrong. A boat accident gets Evan unconscious in the hospital and Mel is mistaken for his fiancee by welcoming his family. His family has been having a fight for the B&B. And so to mend the family, Mel agrees to fake their engagement for one week and in exchange for Evan's help with her social media content. They surround themselves with hikes, campfire chats, and leaning on each other's shoulders in their difficult times. But Mel is willing to sacrifice her picture-perfect life in the city to get a chance at an unfiltered love in the wild. 

The Rule Book by Sarah Adams

Nora Mackenzie's career is in the hands of famous NFL tight end Derek Pender, who is her college ex-boyfriend. Nora is the one who broke up with him and its going to haunt her. Her first client is Derek, it's her chance to be a full-time sports agent, and it's his chance to hold a grudge. He makes a revenge plan on Nora because she broke her heart and now wants to be an agent, so he wants to make her miserable and Nora knows she won't quit. Nora makes plans of her own, she comes up with a rule book if they are working to together. One night in Vegas changes their lives, they get married, and it might change their career. Nora is a hardworking girl, who has a dream of being a sports agent, and even though Derek gives her impossible tasks, she will complete them with her own scheme. Breaking up with Derek wasn't as graceful as she thought and in the present, she wonders if she has made a mistake. 

Fangirl Down by Tessa Bailey

Wells Whitetake was a golf star but lately, he's been losing his games with his broken clubs, and killer hangovers also only one fan. In every game, he plays badly. And yet a beautiful redhead stands at the sidelines, always cheering for him. Even though he curses all the time. Wells decides to quit and tells his fangirl to go home, it is the mistake of his life. Josephine Doyle always believes Wells is the best player until he tells her to stop. Then Wells shows up at her store. It was ruined by a natural disaster. And he wants to help him, promising her to split the prize money. The money Josephine desperately needs. They start to travel together and it creates a spark between them. Wells starts to win and Josephine's feelings for him since he does many sweet for her. But at some point when she gets the money she needs, Josephine will return home and won't see him again. 

Flawless by Elsie Silver

Rhett is a professional bull rider and getting injured is why his agent says he needs to clean up his image so the agent sent his daughter Summer for supervision for the rest of the season. Rhett has to keep the promise of staying away from her and babysitting is what he wants especially for someone who is pretty and makes him couldn't stop thinking about her. Summer is a lawyer and when her dad allows her to work in his company, she says yes even if it means taking care of a bull rider. She aims to prove to people how capable she is, that she is a professional and can handle anything. Especially a handsome bull rider who is her crush. 

The Unhoneymooners by Christina Lauren

Olive's twin sister Ami was going to get married. Olive tried to pull herself together and get through the day. To make sure the wedding will go smoothly, her enemy, also known as the groom's brother plus the best man has to give the best speech. Suddenly the entire wedding party got food poisoning from eating bad shellfish. Olive and Ethan were the only survivors and are forced to go on the honeymoon together. Going on a free vacation won't be easy because Olive and Ethan can't stand each other. They have no choice but to keep lying to the hotel as well as the future boss she ran into. Lying is what they need to do, and somehow Olive seems to enjoy it. 

Love, Theoretically by Ali Hazelwood

By day, Elsie Hannaway is a theoretical physicist as in being a TA and teaching thermodynamics to help her land in a tenure. If she's not then she earns money being offering services as being a fake girlfriend by using her skills of pleasing people and being in any version her clients want to be. It went well until she met Jack Smith, not only because she is fake dating his brother but also an experimental physicist who ruined her mentor's career as well as the reputation of theorists. Now he has the power to be part of the hiring committee at MIT. Elsie was ready to take him down but she realised that he was the only one she could be herself and didn't have to pretend to be someone else. 


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