Bajirao mastani.

21 Jun '24
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I wonder how she suffered so much and yet managed to stay silent. 
How terrifying it must be to be in the relationship and not getting  the love, respect and time you deserve.
How suffocating it would be for a wife to see her husband love another women,
She won't hate the another women or her husband but herself,
She will question her own worth,
She will blame no one but herself,
Herself for not being beautiful enough,
Herself for not being Good enough to be his wife and to remain his lover.
And even after being through so much
she choose to respect the other lady.
How much courage she would have gathered,
To not bleed even after being stabbed at heart again and again.
They say Never put your pride in People,
People leave and all that pride will fall apart like a broken fragments of heart.
How proudly she said " वो चाहे मोतियों से तोले या हीरो से, मेरे राओ ने कभी किसी औरत की तरफ नज़र उठा कर भी नहीं देखा।"
She was so broken and yet the strongest part of the movie,
And she was right when she said " ..... पति और पत्नी का रिश्ता,चाहे जितना भी गहरा क्यू ना हो, लोग प्रयासी को हि याद रखते है। राधे कृष्णा, राधे कृष्णा , राधे कृष्ण...।।"
And the movie was named BAJIRAO MASTANI.

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Written by Shreya Sharma

Just an overthinking teen, who loves to write poetries, paint canvas and sleep!