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A short story on the negative aspects of Social Media in our life

14 May '24
2 min read


It starts with Raghav waking up from a restless sleep. As soon as he gets up, he checks his Instagram to see how many likes and views he got on his last post. He is disappointed by the numbers.


Later, he leaves for the market with a cloth bag, watching reels on his phone with Air Pods as he walks. His friend sees him across the street and calls out to him, but Raghav can't hear him.

He reaches a general shop, still watching the reels. The shopkeeper snaps his fingers in front of Raghav's face, asking what he wants. He gives the shopkeeper the cloth bag, some money and a list of things he needs.


He is about to comment on a video, but that’s when his phone dies because he forgot to charge it. As he waits for the shopkeeper, he looks around and sees a few guys standing around. They say something funny and laugh. He chuckles too and thinks it would be a great idea for a reel. The shopkeeper returns the bag to him.


Later, at home Raghav sets up his phone on a tripod on the table with chairs. He reenacts what he saw earlier. After he is done, he uploads it. When the reel is completely uploaded, he smiles and looks up at the empty chairs, and realizes he doesn't have anyone to talk to in real life. His smile turns into a frown as he sits there in loneliness.


Category : Technology


Written by shahidkhan19472000883