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An Old Lady With White Mustache

05 Jun '24
4 min read


It was the month of June and I had gone to my grandfather's house to spend my summer holidays. There was a lot of fun at grandfather's house, all of us brothers and sisters would have a lot of fun from morning till evening and then at night grandfather would tell us stories. Something similar happened that day too, all of us cousins ​​sat with grandfather after having dinner at 11 o'clock in the night to listen to the story. As soon as grandfather started narrating the story, a smoke started appearing in our entire house. No one understood anything, we all thought that perhaps there was a fire somewhere in the house. Then grandfather also left all of us alone and went to check where the fire was and from where so much smoke was coming. Grandfather and grandmother used to live alone. They had three children, and all three lived in the city. They did not understand the city lifestyle, that is why they lived in the village only. It had been 15 minutes since grandfather had left and he had not come back yet. All of us children started getting scared and then one dared to look about the situation. That smoke had also slowly reached us. As soon as the smoke came near us, all my cousins ​​fainted. Everyone was affected by that smoke but I was completely normal. Then in the smoke I saw that a picture was being drawn. I got scared seeing that and I also pretended to faint. I saw an old lady with a white mustache coming with some strange looking people and taking everyone away. Seeing her, I remembered something, she was the same woman who had come to our house in the morning and given us a plant. The only difference was that she didn't have a mustache then.

How can a woman have a thick moustache?

Her nose less goons came near me, I got nervous and my drama continued. But the question in my mind was that who was she, and why was she carrying all of us with her. People in the village used to say that there is a witch, no one in our house believed in that thing. People used to say that she picks up people and takes them away.

But to us all those stories seemed like grandfather's stories. But that day everyone's talk and grandfather's story seemed true. 

I saw that she took us to a cave where noodles as big as a human being were being cooked in a big pan and the pickle masala was in a big plate.

It was said in the village that whoever the witch took with her, when that person came back, he would completely get change. Everyone would also lose their memory as to what the witch did to them. 

I was thinking all this when the witch realized that her magic had no effect on me.  As soon as she do something to me, a man's voice came from in front of her. It was not known whose voice it was, but that voice was echoing in the air itself. 

Yes, this is the one to whom you can tell your truth, because your magic has no effect on him.

This line came from the air.

Hearing this, the witch's anger calmed down and she came down and started telling me about herself. I was scared of her but I had no other option but to listen to her. 

She cried and said that everyone in this village eats meat. I had an animal house. The people of this village were very fond of eating meat. Once meat stopped coming to the village, the villagers started killing live animals. When they found out that I had an animal home, they started killing the animals at my place. And my entire family lost their lives in saving those animals but we couldn't save. That's why I became a witch and from then till today I kidnap the people of this village and transform them by feeding them vegetarian food. And I erase from their minds what happened in the cave. 

But now that I have told you this truth, I will have to kill you only then I will be free.

As soon as that witch got her stubborn nails near me, I suddenly woke up and in front of me was my mother scolding me for going to school.  
Then I realized that I had been dreaming since the beginning of the story. It had been ten years since my grandfather and grandmother died.

How are dreams, they appear which can never exist in reality.

Would you like to meet that witch..?



Written by Tejaswee Anand

Professional writer and podcaster