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Amazing Beaches in Kerala – A List of top 10 Beaches

Let's dive into the grandeur of Kerala's beaches!

11 Oct '23
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It is undeniable that Kerala is enormously known for its beauty. It is a true paradise to be lost in the arms of nature. 

Kerala is a magnificent state that needs to be explored, especially staggering splendid beaches are the best part that gives you an everlasting experience of Kerala. 

It is located on the coastal front of the country and is known for its backwaters, beaches, coconut trees, plantations of coffee and tea and more. 

This place is blessed with so many things to explore, but make your visit to the dazzling beaches that give you unforgettable moments. Here is the list of top 10 best beaches to explore in Kerala that give you a spectacular experience.

  1. Kozhikode Beach 

If you want to visit the best places in Kerala to spend a peaceful time with your beloved one, then Kozhikode Beach is a spectacular option. This marvellous place in terms of beauty gives you the option to witness sunset and sunrise. 

The Beach is mainly known to witness sunsets of Kerala that look amazing. However, the best feature about the place is a beautiful lighthouse that is visible and makes the place more dazzling.

2. Meenukunnu Beach 

For nature lovers, the Meenukunnu Beach is beckoned for you. Lay down on the shimmering sand and spend some quality time with yourself or with your loved ones at this mesmerising destination, along with exploring the best night places in Kerala. A great way to unwind yourself for a certain period, especially away from the hectic weekdays. The perfect place that is unbelievable for solace seekers. It is a little separate from the small town of Kannur, but worth giving it a go!

3. Payyambalam Beach 

There are so many factors to consider at Payyambalam Beach in Kerala. The very first thing is it is a fantastic place for seeing perfect sunset and sunrise. Interestingly, it is well known for its golden sand, and the long coastal line stretches. It maybe not be commercialised properly, but it gives people the best place to visit. Most people travel to the place for having a great picnic. The beauty fascinates people to spend quality time with their loved ones.

4. Kovalam Beach 

Kovalam Beach is a package of mainly three beaches. But, of course, it is a complete package of attracting beaches for travellers. The names are listed below. 

  • Hawa Beach 
  • Lighthouse beach 
  • Samudra Beach. 

All these beaches are well known and selected by tourists since it has been known that these beaches are well-developed in Kerala. Moreover, it offers impressive activities to do, for instance, cycling on the Beach, swimming, viewing sunrise and sunset, and Sunbathing.

5. Varkala Beach 

While being in Kerala and not visiting the beautiful Varkala Beach is not worth it! Varkala Beach is divided into mainly three parts. For instance, the northern area, southern area and the black Beach. All three of them are entirely different and offer something different to travellers. The northern area is a tourist spot, and the Southern area is mainly known for Hindu temples. Last but not least, black Beach is well known for Its presence of black soil.

6. Chavakkad Beach 

If you want to look at the creation of nature, then treat your eyes to the beautiful view of the merging of the rivers. The best points that describe the Chavakkad beach is the long coastline, less crowded, tranquil water and so on. Do not miss the opportunity to be on the famous Beach in Kerala that is well-known among locals, but as well as people of neighbouring towns also prefer to visit the Beach on weekends.

7. Alappuzha Beach 

Do not miss the great opportunity to not be on the Alappuzha beach. It is well known by the name the Venice of the East. Travellers mostly recommend visiting the Beach to spend great beach holidays. Undoubtedly, the place is trendy for the factors known as boat races, backwaters, beautiful lighthouses and more. If you want to consider a place as a picnic spot, then it is pretty popular. You can spend a great time with your family here.

8. Bekal Beach 

If you are searching for a relaxing place, then it is a comparatively quiet and peaceful Beach you can find in Kerala. It is well known for its fascinating view. On the one side of the Beach, you can witness the view of Bekal Fort. It is a top-rated beach in Kerala that gives you the best experience. If you are a nature lover, then be on the Beach to delight yourself with the beauty.

9. Cherai Beach 

The Cherai beach is famous among travellers as well as locals. It is your favourite place for those who love to go swimming. But make sure it is the right season to be in the place and enjoy yourself. There are many multi-hued shells that you can find on the Beach relatively. For other factors, travellers love to get occupied on the Beach for famous backwaters throughout the year. You can quickly go to the place to kick back for a certain period and spend quality time.

10. Kappil Beach 

Indeed, there are no words to describe the essence of the place. One of the suitable places where couples, thinkers, and poets can spend quality time. It may be unexplored, but it is going to be commercialised soon. Want to spend time alone from the maddening rush of the city, then do not miss the chance to go to Kappil Beach and be in the scenic beauty.

Wrapping Up

It is an outstanding state that does have a long list of beaches to explore in Kerala. Interestingly, some beaches are explored, and they offer an excellent vibe, but there are many more still to be found. The significant thing to consider is every Beach have its beauty that cannot be matched to any other. The beaches mentioned above have something unique about them that must be tried and experienced.

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Written by Preeti Gangwani