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Alone in the woods

10 May '24
4 min read


There was a young girl named Emma who loved exploring nature and going on adventures into the wild woods surrounding her home. One summer day, she ventured deeper than ever before to explore uncharted territory and satisfy her curiosity for adventure.


Emma had heard stories of strange happenings and ghostly sightings within the forest, but she didn’t believe them at first. However, as the sun began setting and darkness enveloped the trees around her, she grew uneasy. Suddenly, Emma realized she’d become hopelessly lost; she couldn’t find her way back to civilization or even remember how she got there. Panic started to creep over her when nightfall approached rapidly.


Just then, she stumbled across what looked like an abandoned house nestled between some tall trees. Its windows were broken, doors hung off their hinges, and ivy covered every inch of its walls. But despite its eerie appearance, something about it drew Emma closer. Curiosity getting the better of her, she cautiously stepped inside, calling out for anyone who might be there.


To her surprise, no one answered. The house seemed empty except for a creaky old floorboard that echoed ominously beneath her feet. As she explored further, Emma discovered dust-covered furniture scattered throughout various rooms: a rickety dining table, torn fabric seats on a long bench, and cobwebbed armchairs with peeling paint.


As Emma wandered through the house, she felt a chilling presence watching her from somewhere unseen. Strange sounds echoed throughout the structure – whispers, footsteps, and soft moans, making her skin crawl. She searched tirelessly for an explanation but found nothing that would confirm whether this place was truly haunted or just her imagination playing tricks on her.


Hours passed, and still, Emma remained trapped inside the haunted house. Her hunger and thirst grew stronger by the minute, leaving her weak and exhausted. Just as hope seemed to slip away entirely, she caught a glimpse of movement out of the corner of her eye. It was a figure cloaked in shadows, slowly emerging from behind a doorway. Startled yet curious, Emma approached the mysterious creature cautiously, wondering if it could provide her with answers to her predicament.


The shadowy figure revealed itself to be an elderly woman dressed in ragged clothing with wild hair tied up in a bun. Before speaking, she eyed Emma warily for several moments, seemingly gauging her intentions. When they finally connected in conversation, Emma learned that the woman lived alone in the house for decades until she suddenly disappeared without a trace years ago. Since then, people claimed to have seen ghostly apparitions and experienced unexplainable occurrences whenever they entered the home.


Though skeptical initially, Emma soon realized that perhaps the elderly woman’s disappearance wasn’t just a coincidence. It was even disturbing to find that the woman was clueless about what had really happened to her and it seemed that her memories have been erased.

Sensing that danger lurked nearby, both Emma and the woman decided to work together to escape the haunted house and return to safety. They scoured each room carefully, searching for hidden passages or keys that could lead them outside. Finally, after hours of searching, they uncovered a secret basement door concealed behind a bookshelf.


With renewed determination, Emma and the woman descended into the dark recesses below. Thankfully, they found stairs leading upwards towards the exterior entrance. Emerging from the depths of the haunted house, they collapsed onto the grass outside, relieved to breathe fresh air once again. Looking back at the frightening building where they had spent so many terrifying hours, they shared a mutual understanding that they had survived something extraordinary together.


From that day forward, Emma never strayed too far from civilization and always remembered her harrowing experience deep within the woods. But more importantly, she understood that sometimes truth lies hidden beyond ordinary perception and that courage can conquer even the greatest fears.


Category : Fiction


Written by divya supin

Love to express the way I perceive things and the love for nature is reflected. Letting thoughts fly out to seek the secrets of unexplored realms.