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Ajji Mane!

The place of love.

09 Feb '24
4 min read


Ajji mane (grandmother's home) the words itself hold so much emotions and excitement. Let us travel back to those good old days. 

            I remember the way I waited for my summer vacations and Christmas holidays to go to my Ajji mane. I remember asking my mom to pack my bags with toys, story books and snacks before a week we left , I mean that’s how I showed my excitement. I prayed God to finish my exams very early so that I can hug my Ajji. My Ajji didn’t own a phone so it was only during vacations where I could talk to her and tell all my school stories. 

            Amma and I used to travel by bus to visit Ajji mane. Though it was just two hours journey, I used to pray God to make me reach there within 5 minutes. I remember that tight hug my Ajji gave me every time I visited her in my vacations. My Ajji knew I love Sweet Pongal and the first thing she used to serve me was Sweet Pongal. Later, Ajji and I used to play multiple board games like Chowkabara(Ludo), snake and ladder. Ajji loved listening to my school stories, Amma used to complain about me a lot but Ajji was always by my side. We both tricked Amma and went for Ice-cream treats. Everyday Ajji prepared one of my favourite dishes to feed me. I never liked oiling my hair but when Ajji oiled my hair I felt relaxed and the hot shower she gave me is unforgettable. 

            The way Ajji narrated moral stories and comics are one of the best parts of my vacation. On the last day of my vacation, before I left , Ajji used to take hundred rupees out from a Cumin seeds box and secretly kept in my hand and whispered, ‘eat your favourite Ice-cream and don’t tell Amma’. I remember Ajji packing two bags full of Kajjaya, Raveunde, chakli and lots of coconut barfis that I loved the most. I cried every time when Ajji hugged me before I left. I prayed God to extend my holidays just by one day so that I can be with my Ajji for one more day. But it never happened and I cried throughout my journey back to my city. 

            Wait, wait, how can I not tell about my cousins, who made my childhood ‘funtastic’ and  they are one of the reasons for me to visit my Ajji mane. We played together, had some delicious food together, fought a lot and being the elder one I received most of the scoldings. I think Ajji mane without cousins are incomplete and unimaginable.

            As days passed , I entered my 10th grade and there were no more vacations. By then Ajji had a phone and we started talking on calls. Later it was 11th, then my 12th boards. It was only after my 12th boards I could visit my Ajji mane and spend time with Ajji, aunt and my cousins. I really needed that break and everything automatically seemed better after going there. 

            It was after four long years I visited my Ajji mane recently and the warmth and love I receive is still the same. Nothing has changed. Ajji still cleans my room and uses my favourite room freshner, still prepares Sweet Pongal, keeps board games ready and keeps  hair oil ready to give me a nice head massage.

            But this time Ajji didn’t run towards me to give a hug, she walked slowly, that tight hug was there but with wrinkled hands, she played board games but with very less energy, Ajji oiled my hair but struggled to fold her hands properly but our gossip session had the same old energy. My cousins are also grown up now, we have mature conversations, talk about future,  go for a walk , give each other space, still enjoy each others company and irritate each other in the same way as we did before. When I was about to leave, Ajji took hundred rupees from the Cumin seeds box, kept in my hand secretly and whispered,’ eat your favourite Ice-cream and don’t tell Amma’. 

            This visit was very nostalgic. Felt we all grew up so quickly. Felt I became so busy in life that maybe I didn’t give enough time my Ajji deserved. Things change, but the warmth and love my Ajji holds for me can never. The way my Ajji waited for me makes me understand what unconditional love is, her tears before I left to my city makes me believe in love and affection more. I realized love is given so that people can feel alive and happy. 

            I’m gonna visit my Ajji mane more often now cause I don’t want to miss these precious moments anymore. 

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Written by Jeevitha H S

an enthusiastic writer Coffee, letters, poetries, rain and flowers