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My True Story of College Time

06 Jul '24
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It's an interesting story of my college time, when I was in 2nd year of my bachelors and 3 months have been passed after the end of the corona pandemic as my college was started in this 4th semester of the college life just because of the corona pandemic and I was enjoying my college life very enthusiastically but suddenly the news of the end semester exams got revealed. Everyone was in panic, but I was chill because I was so good in my subject that I know I can not only pass the exam, but also achieve a good result (by good result I mean above 90% 😎).

So, the real story begins before the day of first exam (first physical exam) and I decided to spend my day by talking with my new friends and started to call my friends one by one but not many responded. Then finally one friend picks up the call, her name is Aarti, and she was ready to have some gossip in the library and then one more friend Garima also pick up the call and told me that she will be there in the library in an hour. 

So now, when I reached the library, the environment was like a silent horror house, no one was talking as the next day, exams were going to start and everyone was either studying or listening to some educational videos but there was a complete silence and I thought for one second in my mind that is it okay to talk here? but then I realize that I should be the one who should break the silence of this place 😎, then I straightforwardly sat at the near end table and then in a moment Aarti arrives by breaking the silence of library and sat at the left side, next to me and everyone in the library was astonished as everyone was studying but, I was the only boy who was there for an endless talk with a girl. 

So now our gossip begins with relatively loud voice but not that much loud which can disturb anyone, but it was hearable and everyone, especially the boys were so jealous that I didn't have any tension of exam and I was openly wasting my time, but that jealousy and envy was doubled when another girl Garima arrived and started talking to me. The main thing was I was in the middle of both girls, as at my right side was Garima and my left side was Aarti. This made the whole atmosphere of library so much scary as everyone was seeing me with an angry face, but it was very fascinating for me as I was thinking of myself as a very lucky to be good in studies and exceptional in communication skills (as I was an extrovert). 

So, I began to get totally indulged in the gossips but then suddenly a boy, who was my senior also, said "I should study or otherwise, I would fail an exam", I was observing the face of that guy, he was filled with so much frustration and envy that it makes me smile from within 😏. Then I responded "dude chill, I can easily pass the exam as I am very good in my subject, so don't worry" and then both the girls were very impressed from my answer and then we continued our gossips, giving a strong response to everyone that we will not stop and so we talked for atleast 4 to 5 hours, until 5:00 p.m. when I left to take the bus to my home.

When I reached home, realize that I didn't have read anything and so I take another silly step and I slept. Miracle happens when I passed exam with 9.43 CGPA (94.3%). This was because I had studied three hours only each day, before the exam begins (e.g., if my exam was at 1pm then I started to study at 11 am) and sometimes even I had studied only one hour in the whole semester and I scored so much. Everyone was shocked and my friends asked me that how did I do this, especially Garima and Aarti was so impressed that they both started to praise me for my intelligence (hey, impressed like a friend 👀, don't think otherwise 😳).

I know, I know,

You all want to know the secret and the only secret is, I was good in that subject as it was my favorite subject (I had completed honours degree in that subject) and also, I am very overwhelmingly good in theoretical subjects, whether French, English or any other compulsory subject.

So now I know you are thinking what was the name of that subject?

Well, guess it in the comment section and I will definitely reply! 

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