A Step Backwards

23 Jun '24
3 min read


The moment her foot touched the doorstep, she started feeling weight on her shoulders, maybe because of the two bags she was carrying with her, full of clothes, jewellery and other essentials that were necessary for her and her love to live happily ever after. However, the weight was of something else, in the absolute silence at three in the morning, she could hear her mother's sweet voice reminding her to eat her lunch, her dad's thundering voice as it came when he would notice her and her brother scrolling reels the whole day long and the arguments that rang the house as to which channel would be played om the TV. 

She took a step back, placed her bags on the floor and the weight was still there. She looked at herself in the mirror and saw a beautiful twenty one year old, all set to take the biggest decision of her life. 

"Every girl has to leave her parents home one day or the other." She had been hearing this since she could understand things, therefore, she was leaving her parents for the love of her life. She met him two years ago at a seminar, what the seminar was about, she did not know, all she remembered about that day was meeting a tall, handsome guy whose smile could melt even the hardest of metals. They talked and kept talking since that day, hiding from their parents and everything was very good until her dad decided that he would send her to some better place for further studies, she didn't want to. 

It was difficult for her father to comprehend the reason behind it, he had always seen his daughter excel in studies and thought she wanted to study further but then why wouldn't she grab this golden opportunity? The gullible father thought his daughter was worried about money and how would they manage without her. Little did he know that twenty one years of love, sacrifice and hardwork had no value in front of one year of a relationship with a handsome man for his dear daughter. 

When she looked at herself and got reminded of everything that had led to this situation, her conscience started questioning her decision. Was this why they say, you FALL in love? You actually do, but she wanted to RISE in love. She wanted to rise to the expectation of her parents. She wanted to rise to her love as well. Slowly moving to the doorstep she pulled her bags back and unpacked them. Calling her love she told him, "I can't betray my parents, I can't betray you either." Somehow she didn't have to convince him much, he understood. 

He was also standing with his bags at the place they had decided to meet, he had always admired her, she was his first love and never had he regretted proposing her. What she made him realise today made him love her even more. He would never force her to leave her parents. Just then his phone rang, he picked up and heard his mother's paniced voice on the other side of the phone. He would have lost one of the biggest treasures of his life. 

Today, they're both successful and whenever somebody asked them the reason of their successful careers as well as relationships they'd say, “We're living the best of out lives because we didn't FALL in love, we ROSE in it together.”



Written by maithanikritika219