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A Forgotten Love

. . .of an ex-Anglophile

26 May '24
1 min read


[This poem was written  during the peak of Anglophilia, or a love for everything British, a sentiment usually felt by many who graduate in English Literature. Anglophilia emerges from continuous exposure to British culture through literature, which offers a good look at the landscape and signature imagery of Britain in all hues.]

To Britannia. . .

Oh beautiful England!

Britannia, thou hast stolen my soul

Thy greens, blues and rainy greys,

Make my heart leap in joy.

Oh! what would I not do,

To have a tiny cottage, 

with woods around, and a li'l brook sparkling by,

As buttercups, cowslips and lush grass bloom in glory.

Bread and butter on a sunny day, 

Hot tea, plum cakes and scones for a rainy eve.

Trips on red buses from country to town and back,

To have a look at the change of guards, 

And absorb the babbling Thames.

Oh! Britannia you rule the waves,

And you hold me in thrall!




Written by Anupama