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A daughter's reply

13 May '24
2 min read


An anonymous letter received

However, the sender undisclosed

That letter in the name of the daughter

Father's anxiety in the absence of her

To know the needy sender

The letter was opened by the father

It revealed having obscene photos and picture

It belongs to his daughter


A circle of poison played in the house immediately

Tensions arose in the whole family

The mother happened to weep loudly

How the simple girl works disgustingly!!

The girl arrived a few moments later

The matter was simply informed to her


The brave girl assured the parents

This was the result of editing of photos 

No need to worry, the girl assured

Let her explain the story for which it happened


One of her friends is the victim

As a boyfriend, she offered the phone number to him.

Initially Hi..Hi.Bye..Bye ...and few talk

Later on, the girl listened to his sweet talk

With exciting talks and video calls, they came closer

The boyfriend dared to whisper later

With excitement, the girl happily accepted his video calls

First no-no, but later showed her private parts

Step by step, they dared to meet in the park and hotels

The juice centre, coffee table and cinema hall were eyewitnesses.


With regular meetings, the girl felt the body touch by him

But she avoided meeting in the closed room

The praise of her beauty compelled her to meet

Later on, she stepped on her feet

They enjoyed at quick intervals

The closed room was only an eyewitness


All of a sudden, he switched off the phone

In the meantime, she saved herself by undergoing an abortion

Now it is the turn of the story

That boy friend tries to trap the other lady


It is time not to blame only the man

The girl's fall is the reason

Mobile is ruling in the society

Before making friends, it is better to know his family

It is not wise to take the lead during a video call

It is better to be careful

Momentary happiness brings ruin

Blackmail is on the way again and again

Editing photos is the custom these days

Why would you blame only males?

If the girls are careless themselves

No one can come forward to save them in a time of distress.

Category : Stories


Written by Bidyadhar Mantry