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A best friend attends the wedding of her best friend and gives her a surprise

wedding of best friend

20 Apr '24
3 min read


Today is the wedding of a beautiful girl, Payal. Apoorva and Payal are best friends. Payal is very nervous and sad that she is going to her husband's house. That’s why she is so sad. Then her mother says, Now get ready for the rituals and also for your wedding too. Payal says no, I will not get ready because from all my friends, no one has come for my wedding. Her mom said, Listen, I have a surprise for you. For that, you have to get ready. Then Payal is ok, but can I first see the surprise? I can’t wait for it. Her mom said yes, sure, come, and then she takes her to her surprise. When Payal sees Apoorva, she jumps in happiness and hugs her. She says, I cannot believe this. You came for my wedding. Then she says, Yes, dear, you are my best friend forever, so I had to come. Come on, let's go. I make you ready for your wedding. They both go, and Apoorva starts her best friend getting ready for her wedding. After that, Payal sees in the mirror, Wow, Apoorva, you made me so beautiful, and I am looking so pretty.". Then the rituals start, and after the wedding, there is one more ritual in her wedding. Her husband said, Dear, you can ask any of your relatives or friends to come with you to my home. Who will you ask to come? Then Payal said I will ask Apoorva to come with me so that I can comfortably ask her anything, and we both share a special bond. We are best friends, Apoorva said, but Payal asked your mom to come with you as she is your support system, and now she will be sad if you go from your home. Payal said if I take my mom, then I cannot stop crying, so if I take you, then I can be happy for 2 days. Come, let’s go. Then Payal goes from her home to her new home. Then her husband said, This is your home. Take care of it as my mom is going to her mother’s house for some months. Then Payal said, Can I talk and learn housework from my best friend? He said yes, both of them talk and learn work. After that, Apoorva said to Payal, Now talk with your husband, and I am going ok. Payal cries and hugs her best friend, whom she said will meet soon.


Category : Personal Experience


Written by Apoorva Vellanki