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40 Most important Idioms and Phrases in English grammar

useful for SSC examinations

25 Apr '24
2 min read


An idiom is an expression peculiar to a language. Words and phrases sometimes have a different sense from what they literally mean. One's proficiency in a language is judged by the way he is using the idiomatic words and expressions fluently. 40 top most used English Idioms and their meanings are given below.

  1. At a stone's through : At a small distance 
  2. Cut a sorry figure : Make a poor impression
  3. To end in smoke : To fail
  4. To spill the beans : To reveal a secret
  5. A left-handed compliment : An ambiguous compliment
  6. To beat about the bush : To talk about irrelevant things
  7. To get cold feet : To be feared
  8. Maiden speech : First speech
  9. To throw cold water : To discourage
  10. Turned down : Reject
  11. A wild-goose chase : A pointless search
  12. A red-letter day : A day of importance
  13. A house of cards : An insecure scheme
  14. In the blues : Cheerless and Depressed 
  15. To smell a rat : To suspect faul dealings
  16. A dark horse : An unknown entry
  17. Blow one's own trumpet : Praise oneself
  18. Straw in the wind : An indication of what might happen
  19. An axe to grind : Have a selfish interest
  20. At sea : Perplexed
  21. To put a spoke in one's wheel : To hinder
  22. Feather one's own nest : Make money in an improper way
  23. Nip in the bud : Stop something at the start
  24. Add fuel to the fire : Make a bad situation worse
  25. Beggar description : Cannot be described
  26. At a snail's pace : Very slowly
  27. To burry the hatchet : To make peace
  28. Fish out of water : Out of the comfortable position
  29. Selling like hot cakes : To have a very good sale
  30. Donkey's years : A long time
  31. A dead heat : In a tie
  32. To take a French leave : To leave without permission
  33. Sitting on the fence : Making no decision
  34. Into the bargain : In addition
  35. At arm's length : Not to be too friendly
  36. The gift of the gab : The capacity to talk endlessly
  37. No stone unturned : Did everything possible
  38. Get into hot water : Get into trouble
  39. Hitting below the belt : Taking an unfair advantage
  40. Hit the nail on the head : Say the exact point
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Written by Raja Sekhar